Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre

Benefits of Dark Fibre for Business

Dark fibre provides a point-to-point connectivity solution that offers a secure way to deliver high-speed data applications. Rapid Net  can offer dark fibre routes to all the major DCs and the Port Melbourne nbn POI.

Fast as you need it to be
Need a 10Gbps connection? 100Gbps? Dark fibre is as fast as the termination equipment you connect it to.

You’ll likely pay a larger upfront cost for dark fibre, but over the years it will work out cheaper than a high tier business connection from an ISP.

Private and Secure
You can set up a closed network to protect your equipment and organisation from the dangers of public-facing addresses on the internet.

Enables Low Latency
Leasing dark fibre can provide a more direct path or you can use specific protocols and equipment that are configured for faster latency.

Cost-effective Redundancy
As it’s separate from your ISP, it’s unlikely that both your dark fibre and your internet connection will break at the same time.

Connect Directly to Data Centres and Cloud Services
You can set up a circuit between your offices and your cloud resources, to lower latency, improve reliability and enable transmission that’s more secure than sending data over the public internet.

Backhaul Networks
Fibre backhaul can provide practically endless capacity, by investing in deploying fibre as well as optical equipment.

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